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Since several years, a vivid debate in urban planning academic and professional circles responded already to the need to position Open Cities as response to the societal and political topic of migration. Amongst many initiatives the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2016 addressed the topic of “Welcome City”, as well as several research projects (e.g. launched by the Federal Government through the BBSR agency) and conferences of academic and professional organisations (e.g. the Italian Association of Urban Planners SIU). 

Focusing on cities as living spaces, the Cosmopolitan Habitat Symposium aims at seeking pathways to enhance and upscale successful responses in urban planning linked with avant-garde examples of urban policies and its impact on society and economy. Cosmopolitan Habitat suggests an additional horizon of debate towards the multiple ideas of Open City (Sennett) and Inclusive Spaces and towards a cultural and social civilisatory spirit to understand cities as internationally connected laboratories for cosmopolitan innovation, referred to recent examples in cities in Germany and Southern Europe. 

During the Conference, academic and professional experts will discuss about the three following lines:

Cosmopolitan Atmosphere: Trigger innovative spirit

How can Cosmopolitan Atmospheres be defined, enhanced and formed with urban planning and design frameworks? In which way, they can create values as asset for cultural, economic and social innovation and liveable habitat? 

Cosmopolitan Accelerators: Activate spaces and networks

How can processes of activation be configured and framed, that lead towards at- tractive places, new use for abandoned space and new urban networks? What are possible innovations brought in urban planning and design processes? 

Cosmopolitan Makers: Co-Create urban change

How can the engagement of stakeholders and active citizenship for Cosmopolitan Habitat be evaluated and conceptualised towards new models of co-creation? What are necessary pathways to develop expertise in urban planning? 


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