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Barcelona Architecture Week 2021

Cosmopolitan Habitat @ Barcelona Architecture Week 2021: book presentation and discussion

On 10 May 2021 from 16–18:00, the book Cosmopolitan Habitat is presented at the Setmana d’arquitectura Barcelona 2021.


Cosmopolitan Habitat, published by Jovis, promotes a research agenda for urban resilience: to imagine and construct cities as laboratories in which open communities invent and test strategies to enhance liveability, inclusiveness, and economy. In the event, the agenda of Cosmopolitan Habitat will be discussed with experts from Barcelona, a city very active in regard to resilience in regard to climate change. The book Cosmopolitan Habitat is edited by Jörg Schröder, Maurizio Carta, Federica Scaffidi, and Annalisa Contato.


In the discussion of the event are Carles Llop (ETSAV), Josep Bohigas (Barcelona Regional, and ETSAB), and Chiara Farinea (IAAC), with additional contributions by Germán Guillen-Espallargas (PhD candidate at ETSAV) and Riccarda Cappeller (PhD candidate at LUH); moderation by Alissa Diesch (LUH).


The book shows the results of the project Cosmopolitan Habitat, funded by DAAD as University Dialogue Southern Europe, in a cooperation of the Institute of Urban Design and Planning of LUH with the Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo. Contributions in the book cover a wide range of issues in urban resilience, by 26 international authors, e.g. Mosè Ricci (University of Trento), David Grahame Shane (Columbia University New York), Filipe Barata (University of Évora), Yannis Aesopos (University of Patras), Socrates Stratis (University of Cyprus), and Matevž Čelik (Future Architecture Platform).


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